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XNAML is fairly easy to use and was designed to act and behave almost exactly like the original Microsoft.Xna.Framework classes, with a few additions to make the Game class also behave like a basic WPF Control.

Dive In
To get started quickly, see Getting Started.

Getting and Sending information Between an XNA Game to a WPF Application
Getting and sending information is easy if the derived game class lives in the same code-space as the WPF application: just call the functions directly. However, if your game and your application live in separate libraries, you may need a way to send and get data to and from your WPF application. Thus, you can use the Messaging System built into the Xnaml.Game class!

Compliant and Compatible Design
All of the functions and properties on Xnaml.Game class and the Xnaml.GraphicsDeviceManager class were made to work exactly as their XNA Counterparts: The Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game Class and the GraphicsDeviceManager Class documentation should cover that portion of the documentation.

Known Issues
If you're having issues seeing your WPF controls on top of the Game control, please see:
The Children property on Xnaml.Game Controls.

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