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An XNA Game Control that provides full WPF Compatiblity, fully swappable with the regular Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game class.

XNAML allows rich desktop applications to leverage the full power of XNA inside WPF. Simply derive from Xnaml.Game instead of Microsoft's XNA Game, and instantiate as many Game controls with full XNA rendering capabilities as you desire.

The Xnaml.Game class has been written to look, feel, and even smell exactly like Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game, with an accompanying Xnaml.GraphicsDeviceManager class that is also designed to look, feel, and - you guessed it! - even smell exactly like Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GraphicsDeviceManager.

Jump into the Documentation to get acquainted further with the Control.

XNAML Demo Application

XNAML Demo Application in use

Xnaml was developed with help from the following resources, as well as some major thoughts and tweaking of my own:

An MSDN Blogpost about WPF-XNA Interopability from Nick Gravelyn -

The theories and ideas presented from an outdated Arcane framework by Valentin Billotte -

And the help and suggestions from the CGUI group at Columbia University -

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